Handyman and HOA Services in Dickinson, Texas

Dub-Ya P Services offers pressure washing, basic electrical, basic plumbing, household repairs, lawn care, landscaping, homeowners association services, and more for your business or home in Dickinson, South Houston, League City, Kemah, Seabrook, and other communities south of Houston, Texas!

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Providing trusted handyman service in the South Houston area

From portering services and pool maintenance for your Homeowners Association to complete rebuilding of residential fences, we offer any service you need for your home or HOA

Pressure Washing

From home driveways to business storefronts, we remove dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your surfaces looking brand new

HOA Services

Our services for homeowners associations include professional portering, as well as repair and maintenance services for community properties such as pools, clubhouses, and playgrounds

Fence Repair

We offer high-quality fence repair and maintenance from fixing broken panels to replacing entire sections, and we have the skills and experience to get the job done right.

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We can help with all your residential or business handyman needs

The list of services we provide is too long to show entirely, but here are a few examples. If in doubt, contact us below so we can help you!

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Our Services

Homeowners Association Services

We can assist your HOA with a variety of services, including general maintenance, painting, cleaning, installation of fixtures, both internal and external repairs, and even full renovations.

Pressure Washing

We start with an inspection of the site to determine the type of surface, extent of power washing needed, then get to work! We provide our own supplies and bring everything needed to get started right away.

Basic Electrical Services

We can provide basic electrical services, like installation of outlets, ceiling fans, and light switches. We can also help you troubleshoot any problems that your system is having.

Basic Plumbing Services

As a licensed handyman service, we are able to provide basic plumbing services including unstopping clogged drains, replacement or repair of pipes under a sink, shower and showerhead repairs, and more. Please note, we do not dig or remove drywall to access pipes.

Household Repairs

We can repair many things around your home or business, including damaged trim or molding, doors, shelving, drywall, flooring, or exterior features like siding, gutters and downspouts, windows, and doors.

Lawn Care

We provide several lawn care services for your home or business, like aeration, mulching, and seeding your lawn with the appropriate grasses for the South Houston area.


Dub-Ya P Services can help you design and plan your landscaping. We can help you with retaining walls, pruning and trimming trees, and even planting your trees, shrubs, and flowers!

Thank you, William, for all your great work!

"William has become my go to for any home improvements and issues. He came out on a Sunday night to un-stop my kitchen sink. He fixed my leaky toilet. He installed 5 ceiling fans for me because I have to have everything match. He is courteous and polite and communicates everything that he does. I call on him for anything I need in my home."

Doreen O.

Great workmanship!

"Looking for a repair man that is honest, hardworking and fair. William Peterson, Dub-Ya P Services, is the go to guy. My husband was cleaning out our dryer vents and ran into problems. I called William and he came to take a look at it, and not only found completely stuffed vents, but also some bad roofing. Knowing there was a possibility of rain, he cleaned the vents and then waterproofed the bad part of the roof. He returned a few days later and fixed the roof. He took pictures to show us, as I'm not good with heights. He blended the new with the old an you couldn't tell where he patched it."

Anita R.

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We'd love to help you with any of your home improvement or homeowners association needs in Dickinson, South Houston, League City, Kemah, Seabrook, or any other place near us!

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